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Motion 360 Fiberglass

Motion 360 Fiberglass

Motion Full Colour 360

Motion 360 is our all around white water paddle which can be used for all disciplines


We offer all our paddles in a wide range of colours, But if you are after a specific colour then please email us as we are currently working on applying your designs to our paddles to give you a unique paddle different from the rest


  • Tech Specs

    • Shaft Type: Straight
    • Pieces: 1 Piece
    • Blade Weight (Grams): 360g
    • Blade Weight (Ounces): 12.6oz
    • Blade Surface Area: L - 800cm^2
    • Blade Surface Area: M - cm^2
    • Blade Surface Area: S - cm^2
    • Blade Length x Width:


  • Orders

    Please note all incomplete orders will be built to a standard build listed below:


    30° degree

    RH index


    For custom orders such as different lengths, degrees, and custom product designs 

  • Email us at  -

  • Phone - 07496322201

  • Orders

    Please add any extra information you require in the 'Notes' section in the basket

    Such as Feather or specific designs etc

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